Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy the Bridesmaid

This past trip to Ohio was for a special mission: K's wedding, the 100000th that I was a bridesmaid in. :) (Ok, so it was more like the 8th, but still.) K is my roommate from College freshmen year, and one of the best friends I have. Her wedding was GORGEOUS.

I have to say, I was really stressed about the wedding and the entire trip. Seriously stressed. First, I agreed to be in the wedding before I even knew I was preggers. Travelling with a baby who is breastfeeding to a wedding that you are in. Nuff said.

Then there came the dress. No Da.vid's Bri.dal out here that is within 2 hours. Bastards. So I had to get my dress when I was home in April. Meaning it was ginormous by the time it arrived and I could actually have it altered to fit. I was like a green tarp. And then there was actually getting it tailored so it could become a nursing dress. Not an easy feat, and mass kudos to the miracle worker who made the tarp into a the marvelous looking dress it became.

This was also the first trip I took solo with Isaac. Hubs stayed home (not a fan of weddings). I left little man at daycare while I packed. I got hella stuff done. Then we flew overnight...1st CLASS! Yep, we opted for the upgrade.

It was so wonderful. The seats were more comfortable and roomy, awesome on an overnight flight. The man next to us was very patient, even when Isaac kicked over his Sco.tch all over his seat. Did you know that liqour is free in 1st class? Good to know, because you can drink back your money from the difference in price. Snacks too. :)

All in all, the wedding experience went smoothly. Isaac stayed on his CA time schedule, keeping him up until about 10 to 12. He loved dancing at the wedding. It was wonderful to see friends, and especially family. It is never enough time though, and it went very fast.

I have many pictures from the trip. These are just the wedding ones. :) Look at my little ladies' man. And he loved my necklace. Tried to rip it off me all night.


CJ said...

WOW Sara! You are brave! So who held the baby while you were standing up there with the bride?

Stacie said...

Whoa, kudos for taking a trip alone with Isaac. 1st class sounds awesome!

Andrea said...

He's so cute! And I'm glad your trip went smoothly! I can imagine how stressful traveling with a baby must be. Especially alone! 1st class sounds awesome, I want to do that sometime. haha, we'll see if that ever happens!