Monday, July 6, 2009

Isaac In the Pool

This holiday weekend was big for my little man! Check him out in his swimmie raft in Friend A's pool! :)

He was a little skeptical at first, but her pool is nice and warm. He was a little too small for the raft, so I had to hold him. Not that I wouldn't anyway, but still. He LOVED it. He kicked his little legs and was shrieking in delight. We had to get out when he started to lick his raft. Bad chlorine.

And he LOVED the fireworks we watched at BIL's house in So.noma. :) He slept through the first half...swimming and partying tires him out. He woke up and was so excited and just stared. Then he'd look over at Daddy and smile, kick his feet, and then watch again.

I love all these firsts. Each one is such a blessing. I love learning what my baby likes and dislikes.

Busy week for us. We are getting ready to head to for K's wedding. I have so much to do its insane.

I know this seems a little stupid, but I am worried about Isaac eating jar food. :( We have been making all ours (not the cereal...I am not that dedicated), and I don't know if the taste or consistency will throw him off. I spent a good chunk of time looking at the different kinds in the store yesterday, and to my dismay, I don't think that the kind I am most drawn to is carried in, land of the limited organic. We have done green beans, carrots, and golden beets. Sigh. I know I am just being hyper but I can't help it. I am trying to pack light, and I don't know how well the baby food will travel, or how much he will need. He eats between 3-4 ounces a day of his veggies, plus about 4-5 of cereal. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Again, sigh.

And fyi: 9 days left for My Mary Kay for Maddie! :)


The Grady Chronicles said...

Oh I am SO jealous! I totally wanted to take Tommy swimming this weekend- we even bought the cutie swimmie diapers, but it just didn't work out. Isaac looks SO cute in the little pool! And guess what? I am cheating on Precious Planet- my MIL gave us money for a jumperoo and I opted for the Laugh and Learn one over the PP one. Who woulda thought? Good luck packing for Ohio and enjoy your trip!

Nanette said...

Cutie(s) in the pool! :)

We're getting ready to take a trip with Em, and I'm not looking forward to the baby-food-on-the-go thing. I hope things go smoothly for ya on your trip!

CJ said...

You haven't posted much latley. What's going on?