Thursday, March 12, 2009

Post Partum

I had my 6 week post partum check up this week. I have to say, I was almost hoping that there would be something not quite 100% that would qualify me for more disability...but alas...everything was healed perfectly and even my clogged duct has gone away. I have my prescription for BCPs and an IUD appt for 2 weeks and a 32 pound weight loss thus far. There was some mayhem at the Dr. office as he got called to the hospital 4 times that day (did I tell the story of the NP last time? "you might have mastisis, but you might not..."),and I was willing to reschedule for the Dr. and refused my exam from the NP. and the NPs no get along.

Anyway, things are fine fine fine! I saw a girl from my yoga class and she is due in about 6 weeks. Everyone in the office loves my little man and it is never a probem to bring him to the appts. I got the ok to excercise regularly but no heavy cardio just yet.

I really can't believe it has been 6 weeks. Oddly enough, what I remember most about the labor and delivery is the damn IV in my hand (so uncomfy...I complained soooo much) and that I was crying so hard when he was born they had to put my hands on Isaac for me. How time flies. :)

Nursing is still going amazingly well. I will write more on that later...cause I gots lots to say. :) Isaac has finally outgrown his newborn clothes and I tearfully packed them up the other night. He is just growing so fast.

Other news: BIL got a chocolate lab puppy today. Its a cutie pie. And we started looking for daycare ( more on that to come too). Boo. Thank god I have until May 4.

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CJ said...

LUcky you!! BF did NOT go good for me! but you have 1 baby. Yea, we found a daycare and they start in MAY!