Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting so big....

Busy busy busy! Isaac has a full schedule these days. :)

My MIL was here last week and we really enjoyed having her here. I got alot done and Isaac loves the attention. I had my Dr. appt., took Guiliani to get his shots, got the birth announcements out, finished up all my Thank-yous up to this point, got caught up on bills, and started planning the dedication ceremony and Family Fish Fry for Isaac. We picked out his little dedication outfit...since we aren't religious people it is a Winnie the Pooh outfit. It is kind hard to explain, but it is an actual dedication outfit..just was Pooh instead of the religious symbols.

The most important thing that I got done was that we found a daycare! We looked at one daycare center that was um...scary. I understand that toys and books and stuff get really worn with constant use from children. I understand that organization is difficult when you are looking after many children. But the center we looked Scary. After being turned off centers, I got some referrals for home day care from a County service. I fell in love with the second one. Seriously. I knew right away that the fit was just right. I called her back last night and he will be starting on May 5, 2-3 days a week. Whether I go back to work that day will be determined. Technically my leave is up on the 4th of May, but I might take another 2 weeks. Fingers crossed Uncle Sam treats us good this year.

Isaac is doing very well! After 2 full weeks of mostly sucessful sleeping in the cosleeper, he has moved into the bassinet as of last night. It was a good night. He has been consistently sleeping about 3-4 hours when I first put him down and then another 2 after he wakes up for a feeding. Right now he falls asleep in his swing around 9-10 and moves to the co sleeper around 1230 or 1. of yesterday and today, he now goes into the bassinet instead of the swing. We still have the water bottle in with him and his noisemaker.

He is smiling all the time when he is awake. :) He loves his advcenture gym and rainforest gym and responds to the noises. He loves to look in the mirror and out the window into the yard. He also loves not wearing pants...Seriously. He can be screaming and if I take off his pants he stops. Not sure why. His pants are fitting just fine and he still fits well into newborn diapers (I have an itty bitty baby... :) ). He officially grew out of all his newborn clothes about a week ago. I packed up the last onesie last night.

Other big advances for him, the most important for me are that he has learned to fall asleep on his own with me bouncing or rocking him (I still do. Just not every time). He will be a happy little baby looking out the window and sucking away on binky and I will look over to check on him and he is sound asleep. He also has decided he loves the bath. No more bloody murder screams during bath time, so we might up the frequency of baths.

Tomorrow we have a Public Health nurse coming for her first visit. We were supposed to have her come to visit within the first week of his arrival, but the hospital kinda botched that. She will come again between 3 and 6 months, and then again from 6-12. She just kinda goes over questions I may have and different kinds of care and first aid. I don't really know what to expect.

Breastfeeding is still going really well. I have started to give Isaac one bottle of pumped milk at night it tends to make him sleep a bit longer before he wakes up for a feeding. I pump twice a day, so we have created a milk supply of about 2 full days of daytime feedings. All of a sudden his normal daytime feedings take about 20 to 30 minutes. The night feedings are a bit difficult. He tends to fall asleep during them so I let him wake up as much as possible before I get him up, short of full crying...we'll say to the heavy fussing levels.

In other news... I got a black.ber.ry curve as my push present! I love, love, love it and have become addicted to tw.itter. I got a birthday/valentines present for my husband and I guess myself that will be ready this weekend. I can't say what it is just in case... ;) Tia Hessie will be here on Monday for a few days and hopefully I can get a dedication outfit for myself. I haven't weighed myself recently, but I can tell the weight is not just falling off me anymore. As of my doctors appointment last week, I was under my pre-pregnancy weight by almost 20 pounds. We will be heading back to OH-IO soon for Isaac to meet the family, and we got an awesome deal on plane tickets.

Hmmm...I think that is it for updates and happenings. I am a bit scatterbrained as I am listening very intently to the monitor sitting next to me for any noises other than my husband's snoring. :) Of course I have to close with my little angel smiling at me.


SN said...

Congrats! Your little guy was born one day before mine, so it's extra interesting to read about what is happening on your end!

Open Roads Mama said...

omg, he's adorable! :)