Monday, March 23, 2009

Heartbreaker :)

I don't have lots of time to post a lot but I wanted to put up this picture because Isaac looks so darn cute in it :)
And then I fastened the straps :)
We had a bit of a rought night last night. Isaac did not want to sleep in his bassinet from about 1:30 on. I think it was partly my fault. He has been really rejecting a bottle the past few days at night, so we may move that to the day. I kinda forced it on him and wouldn't let him nurse all the way like I think he wanted. Needless to say h woke right up and wanted to start his day. He didn't go back down until about 4 and that was only because I gave up and put him in his swing. We slept until 10:30. Hopefully tonight will be better.


CJ said...

OMG!! HE is SUCH A CUTIE SARA!!! You are a Proud Mama!! Sorry I haven't commented that much lately, but I have been reading. :)

The Grady Chronicles said...

Adorable hat! Can you believe how quickly they are growing already???