Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I had two baby showers, one in Ohio and one in California. We got ALOT of stuff. ALOT. And for that I am really greatful. I don't think I bought diapers once until Isaac was into size 2s. (Ok, maybe once. But not nearly as much as I could have...) My shower guests were mostly family members and some friends...friends that didn't have children. While we got alot of wonderful, generous presents, as a first time mother, I was FREAKING OUT because I didn't think we had anything we needed. Isaac had received alot of clothes, but all in larger sizes. He got alot of toys, alot of blankets. He did get some gift cards. I just think some people had no idea what to get for him.

I spent alot of the week after my last shower, hardcore shopping and taking those registry completion coupons for all they were worth. I stocked up on bibs, bottles, spoons, bowls, milk storage stuff, nursing stuff, bath products...Every night after work, I was somewhere, doing something for baby prep.

Anyway, I have some friends that are pregnant right now, with their first baby. Showers are coming up. And I wanted to get these friends something that would help them not FREAK OUT like I did. (And maybe they won't anyway...I tend to be um, a tad...dramatic) So here is what I did.

I put together two bags. Bag number one is called "Things you know you need" and it is filled with diapers, wipes, towels, washclothes, onesies, some classic baby toys, nail clippers, powder, ointments, spoons, bottles, bottle brushes, binkies, etc. Stuff that every single mother knows a baby will need, and stuff off the registry.

The other bag is called "Things you don't know you need until you need it, and oh my god you need it RIGHT THEN." It is filled with things that I wish someone had told me I would need, so I wouldn't have to realize I needed it in the middle of the night when I had a screaming, sick baby or it was pouring rain or another situation that proved non-optimal for shopping. Things like teething tablets, batteries, tyelnol, mylicon, motrin, pedialyte, butt paste, boogie wipes, faucet covers, outlet covers, microfibers, dreft stain remover, mesh teethers, sunblock, lysol wipes, disposable bibs, tablecovers, pacifier keepers, etc. I polled first time mommy's for things they wished they had had before the baby came or that they wished they had known they needed.

I am really pleased with the way they turned out. :) I hope they help friend H, who is having her shower in 2 weeks and has enough to worry about with work and moving into a new place before the baby arrives.

And here's hoping that I can keep Isaac out of the bags until then....

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