Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Favorite Moment

There is one moment during the day that is by far my favorite. It happens when I hear Isaac wake up in the morning or after his nap. Sometimes he is fussy and cranky and doing the "waaahhh, eehhhh" noises. And sometimes he is gabbing to his animals in his crib. Regardless, once I open the door, I hear "hi!" and he stands up and smiles and stretches up his arms for me to grab him up. And then he lays his head on my shoulder and gives me a hug.

It's priceless. If I could freeze time at that moment, I would.

He doesn't let me cuddle him much anymore. He does when he is sick, but seriously, how can I wish illness upon him just so he will cuddle with me? That's why this moment is my favorite. And I get the feeling that I am hugging him too long, because after a minute, he starts to fuss and squirm to be put down.


The other night, he was not going to sleep. He was WAILING and didn't want to be in his bed. Ben was out of town, and I was tired. I tried a few times to ge thim to calm down, gave him bottles. Nada. Finally around 9, I pulled him out and snuggled up in the recliner. He cuddled up and we rocked. In 5 minutes he was out. I took advantage of the situation and just snuggled and rocked and whispered how much I loved him and missed his cuddles.

Then the oven timer went off, signalling dinner was done and I could eat.

I was hungry, but I stole a few more moments. Finally, I stood up and started to carry him back to his arm, cradling him in my arms, head resting in the crook of my elbow. I marveled at how big he has gotten and remembered similar moments when I was holding him and how small he was. I remembered standing in the kitchen, faucet running, bouncing and swaying back and forth to calm him to sleep. It was only a year ago.

The timer went off again, pulling me out of my haze. I teared up a bit, because I just didn't want to put him down. I stood there, leaning against the wall, just holding him.

He started to squirm, because like his mommy and daddy, he moves alot in his sleep. He needs his sleeping space or he is not happy.

I put him in his crib. And ate my dinner.

And began looking forward to the morning when I would get another baby hug. :)


Stacie said...

That is so precious. I feel fortunate that Laney is still super cuddly at almost 2. I know it will not last forever, with her saying, "hold you".

I would love to freeze time too. Makes me so sad they our babies have to grow up so quickly.

Open Roads Mama said...

ahhh, you made me smile with this post :) I can totally relate!