Thursday, April 15, 2010

Entertainment Value

I like TV. I have my favorite shows that I have been watching for years. And I will admit that some of the shows that I watch are the cheesy reality or teeny bopper shows. And I will admit that some of the shows I watch are not so nice. Like bad stuff happens, people die, etc.

I was thinking about these shows the other day. Like Private Practice, for instance. Now, this is not one of my favorite shows. I watch it because it is on after Grey's Anatomy and I usually fall asleep to it. I don't get overly concerned if I miss it or am not disappointed if it is a rerun. The same with shows like Law and Order: SVU and CSI:Miami. But you know, sometimes these shows....they make me BAWL.

I got to thinking about that. Why do I watch these shows? I mean, seriously. I can't watch them half the time. I know they are fictional, but they hit too close to home. I know people that have lost children, babies, loved ones. I know people that suffer from IF and some of the diseases on these shows. I know people that have lost loved ones to suicide, babies to prematurity, children to cancer. And that is not entertainment to me.

And alot of times these shows make me UBER paranoid. They make me go into Isaac's room and practically crawl into the crib with him to snuggle.

It is my decision to watch these shows. I am thinking that I am done with some of them. Not Grey's. I am too emotionally invested. But some of the other ones, I will cut out. It is not worth the time anymore. I just get too upset and have to walk away anyway.

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CJ said...

LOL!! I feel ya on the showes! I LOVE PRIVATE PRACTICE THOUGH! How coud u not??!