Friday, April 30, 2010


So this year kind of got away from me. I got a card from my grandpa in the mail earlier this week and was all confused, and when I opened a birthday card, I had to walk over to the calendar. Um, 29th birthday is totally tomorrow.

Birthdays, especially mine, used to be a HUGEMONGOUS deal to me. This time 2 years ago I was ready to party it up with a group of friends at I drank alot, and I don't mean water. My friend H (who is preggers right now) and I were the first to my soiree and drank a WHOLE. BOTTLE. of prosecco by ourselves before anyone else arrived. And I sang MB20 at the top of my lungs the whole drive home to Sonoma.

It just isn't a big deal anymore. The focus, as it should, has shifted to Isaac and making his birthdays as memorable as mine were as I was growing up, so that he looks forward to the special day that is just his every year.

Don't get me wrong, I still think my birthday is special. There are just more important things now. I am shocked when people remember my birthday, especially when I don't even remember it!

And I still want a Canon Rebel EOS. and to meet Rob Thomas.

Sadly, I don't have the money for either. Which means my husband doesn't have the money for either. (Let's face it...we know who controls the cash flow in this household.)

What is even sadder is that I would have the money. Not for Rob Thomas, but for the camera. If I didn't buy my starbucks dark cherry mochas everyday (I know, I can't believe I even thought that, but it's true!) or I didn't buy crap. All the $20 purchase I made here and there, if I had put that $ aside, I would have more than enough. That camera was not so important to me before. I had/have a nice digital camera. But with Isaac, I want more. So I am taking what my grandparents sent me and will put $20 a week into my savings account until I have enough.

Tomorrow will be a nice day. Isaac and I are going to the Academy of Sciences (We are geeks!) to see the extreme mammals with some of my friends. Any day that I get to spend with Isaac doing something other than errands is better than any type of birthday party or celebration.

I don't need cake. I don't need a party. I don't need presents (well, except meeting Rob Thomas...if someone gives me that I won't turn it down! :) ). Cards and well wishes are nice. All I truly need is the time with my baby, my husband, my friends, enjoying the life we have built and are building.


Stacie said...

Happy Birthday (tomorrow). The older I get, the less birthdays become a big deal, I'd rather spend the time with my baby girl.

I hope that you and Isaac have a great time tomorrow and enjoy your day!

The Grady Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Congrats on your new camera. I want an SLR so badly....not that I would know anything about how to use it or anything about photography, BUT I KNOW THEY TAKE SO MUCH BETTER PICTURES!!!