Sunday, April 18, 2010


I like to expose Isaac to alot of different things. I like to take him places and get him out of the house. I like him to play with different things and learn to be imaginative. I like him to meet new people and be in social situations as well as be around things and people who are familiar.

My husband is at his annual convention, so it's just me and Isaac this weekend. Yesterday, I took him to the Bod.ega Bay Fish.erman's Festival to see the Pet Parade. There were dogs EVERYWHERE and he loved it. The parade itself was kind of short, but there were llamas and alot of people let him pet their dogs. The festival was on the bay and it was a beautiful day. We browsed the booths, bought him a pinwheel and some windup toys, ate fried fish and donuts, and watched the boats. It was a really fun time for the both of us.

As he was watching the boats and barking at the dogs, I was wondering to myself if he would remember this day.

My first memory as a child is a bit fuzzy. I remember being in my crib at my grandparents big house in the town where my family grew up. The crib was in the landing of the upstairs, between the bathroom and where the laundry shoot was located. I remember standing up in the crib and crying because the angel projection mobile I had had turned off. And I remember my mom coming out of her room and walking over to the crib. I have certain images in my mind quite clearly.

I don't know how old I was at the time. Still in a crib, implies maybe 2?

It makes me wonder what Isaac's first memory is going to be. Will it be the day his Mommy took him to the festival on the bay and he saw llamas and got a pinwheel? Will it be walking through the parks, feeding ducks? Will it be the swings? Dozer? Something from our NC vacation or trips to Ohio?

He's growing up so fast, too fast. I am trying to make each day a good one for him, so he has many happy memories of his childhood. Regardless of what day he has in his first memory, I really hope its a great one!

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