Monday, January 4, 2010

Uh Oh! Night-Night!

I have gotten to spend the past two weeks at home with Isaac, for the holidays. We spent alot of quality time together, and getting in some hardcore playing. We worked on motor skills and stuff, like clapping and standing alone. He is doing really well. He's getting the clapping thing pretty well. He's not very adept at bringing his hands together and whenever he see's us clap, he seems to think he is clapping when he opens and closes each hand, like bye-bye. :) It's cute. But cuter when he actually claps, because he looks so proud of himself.

One thing he has got down is "uh oh!" Whenever he would drop something or knock something over, we would say "uh oh!" He would repeat us and smile. Now he does it on his own. And he also says it when he can't reach something. He's been saying the words for a while, but he just started using it in the correct context.

This weekend he got another one. :) We have been saying "Night Night" when we lay our heads on the pillow or put him in his crib for bed or nap time. On Saturday, he pulled a pillow off the couch onto the floor and put his head down on it and said "nigh-nigh." I was stunned. I applauded his acheivement and then picked him up. He laid his head on my shoulder and said it again. I put him in his crib with his blankie and he turned on his aquarium and laid down and WENT TO SLEEP.

I was floored. Seriously, did my baby just tell me he was tired and wanted a nap?!

I can't believe how far he has come, how much he can do. Being able to verbally communicate with us like that is a big milestone for him. I am so proud of him. :)

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Open Roads Mama said...

omg, truly amazing!!! :) what a little smarty pants! :)