Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Things That Don't Fit Me Anymore

I am a packrat. Nothing like you see on "Hoa.rders," but I save alot of stuff that I probably don't need. Ok, I KNOW I don't need. I am getting better, I swear. Isaac's stuff takes up alot of room, so I can either pack stuff up and store it or just get rid of it. And moving multiple times has made me tired. I don't like packing and unpacking. Lots of stuff just ends up staying in the boxes. Pointless, right? I know.

The other day Isaac pulled open a dresser drawer and proceeded to throw every single item in said drawer out onto the floor. I waited until he was no longer interested in this task, then started to put the things back in the drawer just as they had been. Then I realized exactly WHAT I was putting back in the drawer.

Ok, I know that pregnancy changes your body. And I am fine with what has happened to my body. I am well below my pre-pregnancy weight, but stuff just doesn't fit the same. Like those low rider jeans that I loved that "technically" still fit? Let's be honest. I am never going to wear those again. At that, alot of my pre-preggo pants just don't fit the same. I have already gotten new ones. The old ones probably won't ever fit the same again, and if they ever do, will I even want to wear them?

Isaac's little play with the drawer game inspired me. I was wasting valuable real estate in my dresser and closet on things that I will never wear again.

Other things that don't fit?

Sadly, a vast majority of my VS bra collection. I am not sorry for ONE SECOND that I breastfed my son for 11 months. Not at all. The girls aren't the same though. Oh, those full coverage bras still fit....as demis. :) Now, that is just not right. And seriously, how many push ups does a mother of a 1 year old (I know he isn't actually "1" yet. I am practicing to get myself used to the idea) need? Probably not, um.....20. 3 will probably work just fine right?

Sooo....that means alot of my shirts don't fit the same anymore.

Shoes. My feet are different. I don't know how, but they are. Some shoes are way tighter, and I don't have time to have pinched feet with blisters while chasing a toddler.

Jewelry. Ok, does anyone know how to loose finger fat? Like I said, below pre-preggo weight, but the new weight is distributed to different areas. Plus I can't really wear earrings and necklaces right now, because Isaac is like a baby barracuda and is drawn to the sparkly things. I like my earlobes in tact, thank you very much. Those things have been put away for safe keeping, unless it was like, cheap costume jewelry. Will I ever wear those gold plated shell earrings again or that hemp necklace? Doubtful. So long.

It's not just clothes that don't fit anymore. There are certain things that just don't fit ME as a person, a mother and my lifestyle.

HBO? Those movie channels that I never have time to watch but pay for every month and cost as much as a pack of diapers? That's a no brainer. Netflix? I have had the same movies since May. There's another pack of diapers.

And honestly...there are some relationships in my life that don't just fit anymore. That makes me sad. My friends are so important to me, and I know that once you graduate and spread out and move on, maintaining those relationships takes work. There are certain friends that I could spend years apart from, and then when I see them, it's like we haven't spent a day apart. We can be as different as night and day, and it doesn't matter. Others, yeah....sadly, we have nothing to talk about because our lives have moved so far apart and in different directions. Our interests and priorities are different. That is fine. Becoming a wife and mother has given me new friends. And quite honestly, I don't have the time or energy to put into relationships that are not reciprocal. :(

Anyway, this new year has thus far been about decluttering my life from things that no longer fit, be it clothes or expenses or whatnot. It is quite the process, but I am getting there.

And you know what?

It feels pretty darn good!


CJ said...

You right about the friend thing! I don't have time to put energy in someone that doesn't return the favor! I have my new friends and work friends that I can be with. Most Def! Atleast you lost your weight. I am still fat! How come you don't comment on my blog anymore? I haven't see you do tha tin awhile!

Open Roads Mama said...

I hear you and totally know what you're talking about! I'm all about decluttering these days too. :)
My clothes don't fit right either and accessories have all been put away, I have not had a necklace on for months, ever since the baby, really. :) Even during Christmas, I had to forego wearing all the cutesy sweaters - I always remember that the baby will be touching everything and have little hair from my sweaters stuck to his hands later, so I pass on those and wear simple stuff... Yeah, it is a different life, isn't it? :)

Unknown said...

I can say ditto to 99% of your post. OK, 100%! lol, What is it with our fat being distributed to different parts? I am below my pre-pregnancy weight too but I can't fit into 1/2 of my pants from before. :( oh well, I guess it just means new clothes.

Good, great, excellent post!

Rachel said...

Oops was signed into the wrong account...lol

Can we say our brains don't work the same either?