Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it really almost Christmas?

It just doesn't really seem possible to me that Christmas is on Thursday. I guess it doesn't really feel like that time of year because it has been so crazy leading up to this week. I didn't bake cookies, I didn't send out cards, we didn't decorate because we moved, I was just in makes me kinda sad, but I know I couldn't have done everything that I normally would have in other years.

We did finish our shopping this weekend. When I say that, I mean we took our first and only trip into a retail store to buy presents. Most of the shopping was done online this year. Ben kept making fun of me because I can't waddle very fast these days. I truly feel like a human weeble wobble.

I know I have said that I think Peanut is going to come early, but seriously. I really feel that way. Everything is getting so much tighter in there. I just don't think I will last until the 13th of Feb. Seriously. I want to, I just don't think I will without bed rest for a couple weeks before. Maybe my last work day will be on Feb. 1? I just started feeling this way this weekend. It has just gotten so hard for me to do things. There is so much that needs to get done in the house, and it is frustrating because I can't get it done as fast as I would like. Plus I was just so short, and I have a short torso. There isn't a whole lot of room for the baby, so he had to grow out. Hence, my weeble wobble shape.

We got the changing table and pad on Friday. As well as the diaper genie and some bottles that I had coupons for. The pack and play and swing are on the way, and should be here by Wednesday. The crib will hopefully follow soon afterward.

Ugh, I am just so tired all the time!

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