Friday, December 5, 2008

Glucola...Round 2

I had my 3 hour Glucola test this morning. It was not fun. I was already really tired. :( We packed up a bunch of stuff to move last night and I didn't get to bed until almost 11:30. My normal bedtime is 9:30, 10 at the latest. I can't help it, growing a person is tiring.

I woke up early to help Ben and BIL load up his car of stuff to take to the new place. I was at the hospital by 7:15.

They made me really nervous because they took my initial blood sample and then said "we will test your sugar now. If it's too high, we won't give you the drink and we will just send you home. That is bad." Fortunately, my sugar level was good. They gave me the drink, this time it was the infamous orange drink, not the lemon-lime that I had last time. And this time they watched me down it. And so began the 3 hours of waiting and blood taking.

3 more arm pricks and about 80% of the first Twilight series book later, I was free to go. And ravenous. I had kept my tummy at bay by drinking lots of water. Peanut responded to that water by doing somersaults on my bladder, forcing me into the bathroom about every 30 minutes or so. Then I would get some more water. It was a vicious cycle, really. And I hate needles :( Two pokes in each arm was brutal to me.

Fingers crossed for good results. I would assume that if I don't pass this one, they would call me and not make me wait until my appointment on the 18th? Fingers crossed for that too.

There were alot of babies in the waiting/lobby area. And it made me realize how much I can't wait to have my baby and to be a mom. I teared up several times at the little baby noises and grunts.

I should add that while watching the Mac.y's T-Day par.ade, I bawled when I saw Santa at the end. Seriously.

And the crib hunting drama continues. Damn those BRU people. :(

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The Grady Chronicles said...

My glucola test will be Saturday. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. I hope you have good results!