Friday, December 19, 2008


I am soooooo glad it is Friday! I finally get a weekend that involves relaxing and getting my house set up. I just want to sleep tomorrow morning. :)

So I did not pass my glucola test! I just barely failed it! like when my sugar was supposed to be 95 it was 97. I just barely missed all the limits. My doctor says this qualifies me as a gestational diabetic and I have been referred for diabetic counseling. I guess this involves setting up a diet for the next 8 weeks and times to have my blood sugar monitored. I am waiting for the office I was referred to to call me back.

Otherwise, the baby is good! my blood pressure went back down. I still didn't gain the desired amount of weight, but the baby is growing well. I can feel him getting bigger! His movements are not the little flutters and kicks they once were, but big rolls and pushes now. I can feel his little knees and elbows, and his head. I have had to go to the bathroom way more lately.

The walk through at the old apartment went ok. We will leave it at that. Let's just say I will never rent from an apartment business again. EVER.

I think I am going to venture to BRU tonight to spend the last of our shower dinero and coupons. We ordered our pack and play the other night, and can I just say that the next day it went on sale?! I called customer service and they were really nice. The price was originally $119.99 and we ended up paying $84.99 with free shipping, paid for with gift card! :) We also ordered our swing and the bassinet sheets. I am trying to prioritize what we need and how soon we will need it, so I think tonight I will get the changing table, table pad, and diaper genie. I have a handful of coupons to use, so hopefully I can combine some of them. I also have a bottle coupon that is going to expire this month that has to be used. After that, I think we will be ok should the baby come early. Early as in before the next shower. :)

Ben helped me unpack all the shower stuff we got last night, and organize it into the closet. We got alot of clothes and blankets and toys. We went over our registries again. Peanut needs socks and booties. :) Can I have a bootie themed shower? :)

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The Grady Chronicles said...

Sorry to hear about the glucola, however, my friend had gestational diabetes and everything went well for her. She also enjoyed having a nutritionist. On my end they keep telling me to stop gaining weight and something about this time of year is not allowing me to do so!!!!