Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Day #9

Peanut and I are safely back in California after a cold, but really good trip to Ohio. Today is my 32 week doctor visit, which I believe marks the beginning of the 2 week appointments. Hopefully, I will find out about the damn glucola test. You would assume that if I had failed it, they would have called me with the results to start their treatmennt or whatever asap. I guess we will see.

The baby shower went well! I loved seeing everyone and we got alot of great stuff. Peanut will not need any clothes for the first year of his life. He is stocked up. The Christmas theme worked out to be really pretty, and I think everyone liked their little trains. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Overally, the trip was great. I got a couple of warmer maternity-type shirts, and I made Peanut a build-a-bear koala. :) The flights....not so much.

I had a layover in Houston both ways. The flight from CA to Houston was fine. We boarded the plane on time in Houston and I fell asleep almost right away. I woke up and I looked around and we were on the ground. I thought it felt a little early to be in Detroit. I noticed we were still at the gate, so I figured I had only been asleep for 15 minutes or so. Then I heard someone behind me say "I can't believe we have just been sitting here for 2 hours..." Then a flight attendant walks by with water. Seriously, we had been at the gate for 2 hours. It had been snowing in Houston. And they had to de-ice all the planes. However, they only had one de-icer for each terminal. There were seriously about 200 Contine.ntal planes that were in need of this service. They said they were going to allow people off the plane as long as they had their boarding pass. An agent could rebook people if they wanted to fly the next day instead, however; since the flight was not cancelled, no hotel would be provided. You would have to sleep on a cot in the airport. thanks. I had the whole row to myself, so I just got off to get some food and more water. About 45 minutes later, we backed away from the gate and got in line to be de-iced. That line lasted for about 5 hours. I watched " All The W.ay" and "Fre.d" I slept on and off. And then finally got into Detroit at 6 am the next day. 8 hours later.

The flight from Houston back to California was not as bad, but I was so, so, SO uncomfortable. The flight was packed. We took off an hour late (for no real reason, just a busy airport). It was a 4 hour flight. I had an aisle seat like my doctor suggested, but it didn't help except to frequently get up to go to the restroom, which was too small. Because of the duration and capacity of the flight, there were three times they served drinks and one meal, so there was constant traffic up and down the aisle. I was sooooo hot and just couldn't sit comfortably. Peanut had decided to sit high in my belly so that was not the best either. And my feet were so swollen, I could hardly tie my shoes when we landed.

We finished moving everything into the new house! When I was gone, my husband set up the living room and garage. Last night, we bought our new dressers (Christmas gifts from my parents and grandma). Almost everything is transferred to the new address, and the washer and dryer and the freezer arrived safely before I left. I still have to locate some rugs for the floors, and I have our walk-through at our old place today. It will be nice to just be done with the old apartment and just be able to focus on the new house and getting everything ready.

I sitll have not decided on the 3D ultrasound. Or a name.

I will get the pictures up, I swear.

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