Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feed Myself!

Isaac likes to feed himself now. On Thanksgiving, we gave him his first "big boy meal" which consists of all the food we were eating, with the exception of the sweet potatoes. He got plain ones, without marshmallows. I don't need him to have the extra sugar. :)

Isaac's first taste of turkey.
Hey, what's this in my mouth, Mom?

Isaac's first Thanksgiving feast.

And he ate it all!
Now he only likes to feed himself. It gets messy. The only thing he will let me feed him is yogurt and some occassional cereal.
I have to be creative with his leftover purees. I roll the meats into little balls with mashed potatoes. All his fruits and veggies I just cut into small bits now and then steam them to make them softer for his chewing pleasure.
Did I mention how messy? :)

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Open Roads Mama said...

we're quickly getting used to the messy meals too :)