Friday, October 17, 2008

Frustration and Paranoia

If yesterday was back to business, today is back to stress. All I want to do is sleep. It's like the past two weeks never happened. The tension came flying back.

First of all, my car went into the shop where my husband works for repairs before he left for our vacation. After a week and a half, it is still NOT DONE. I am beyond angry about it. We are paying for these repairs, and we should therefore be treated like any other paying customer.

Second, there are just alot of work issues going on for my husband. Being the control freak that I am, I am stressed about it more than he is. Well, at least I am being more vocal about my stress. Having him chastise me and such, does not makes me angrier or worse, makes me hysterically cry. I like to think that situations are never as bad as they seem on the outside and look for the positives. He always prepares and expects for the worst. He handles things in a completely different manner and it makes me angry. More so now that I have a mounting hormonal imbalance fueling my fire.

Third, we still have not figured out where we will be living. As my belly expands and it becomes harder for me to bend down and do all the motions and activities associated with moving, this begins to stress me out more.

I am just so damn frustrated and feel like I am taking care of everything and everyone.

And as for the paranoia....yeah, I have become irrationally paranoid. I have always been a teeny bit more paranoid than the average person, but it is becoming way worse. Example: My husband was taking pictures on his phone from the top of the Empire State Building, with his hand and phone outside the fencing. All I could see was someone bumping into him or something and the phone being dropped. I seriously got sweats over it. Everytime he took out the phone, I had to look away or felt the need to stand guard. That is not normal. I told him about it, and he laughed.

I better have my car back tomorrow. I am doing my Target registry on Sunday.

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zarafa said...

there might be a statue involved...

hope things are going better at your end. hang in there :)