Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And so it begins....

Lamaze class, that is.

Our first Lamaze class is tonight at the hospital where we thus far plan on having the baby. Correction: where we plan on me having the baby. I know it is incredibly early to be starting class, but this is the referral my insurance company gave to me and she only does the class by demand. Apparently not enough people have due dates in early 2009 to warrant a later session. Oh well.

I am pretty nervous about this. Not the actual classes, but learning about the birth and such. When the instructor called me to confirm and register, she asked if I had thought about what kind of birth I wanted to have. I of course replied "a short, easy, and pain-free one." Yes, I really said that. And I really meant it. I AM A WIMP. DRUG ME UP. She started telling me about different options and asking me about my exercise and diet and all that fun stuff.

My yoga instructor has also been asking those questions. She was talking to me about coping mechanisms and how they make birth easier. She said one of the things she suggested as a doula was to hold an ice cube in your hand for one minute and try to focus on something other than the discomfort and pain. And to practice breathing through it. When you can do that, you are supposed to submerge your whole hand in ice cubes for one minute. Now, this is my first baby, but I am pretty sure that ice in the hand for one minute does not equal the pain of an 8 lb baby ripping from your loins. Ben suggested that I put my hand in the doorway and he would slam the door on it a few times so I could "breathe through that pain." I am pretty sure that may break some bones, but it seems more realistic in terms of pain.

I have to say that over the past few weeks, the pregnancy and arrival of Baby Boy Lahman have gotten far more real. For starters, there is absolutely no denying that I am pregnant when you look at me. I can't really even be confused for a fatty, unless you are remarkably stupid. I know this because all my friends I saw told me so. And also commented on the increasing frequency of my um...waddle. :) Not bad things in any way, it just makes things more real when others notice them as well.

Peanut moves ALOT. I feel him wake up in the morning and move about until I eat or drink breakfast. Then I feel him move around sporadically throughout the day, with high peaks of activity in the early afternoon and late evening. Today, I felt him push what felt like a knee across the horizontal length of my belly. He also likes to play a game in which he lays on my bladder so I have to pee very badly. When I finally make it to the bathroom, he seems to jump off the bladder, making my trip futile. :) He thinks it's really fun and does it once a day.

I felt a few kicks from the outside over the past few weeks. The first occurred in Ohio and friend J was excited about it and wanted to feel. However, the kick was close to my crotch and that didn't seem that suitable. :)

The baby registeries are complete. More on those later. My mother is in full on baby shower planning mode. We have discussed many details. I think I mentioned before that we are doing a Christmas theme, as I am not so into the cutesy pastel baby themes. We are using poinsettas as centerpieces and prizes for the games and lots of Christmas-y decorations like lights and wreaths. There will be a Christmas funfetti cake. The favors will be little train ornaments that I am making. Or am going to attempt to make. I am not so crafty. I found a cute little kit, and have to check into ordering them. The Ohio shower is the huge one, so I may have to recruit help from a certain husband. He would like to use the hot glue gun, I am sure. I may order one and see how it goes together and then go from there. I am working on the guest list and addresses. My aunt is working on the invitations and I am really excited about them. Hopefully I will have one to post soon.

I also organized all the baby stuff we have so far. It is ALOT. I separated the clothes into 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6+ months in order to see what I still needed to add to my registery. Peanut gained quite a bit from my vacation (again, more on that to come) and is definately ready for football season with daddy next fall. I organized the billions of coupons I have by category and expiration date. The bassinet still needs to be put together to ensure function and such. Maybe we can do that this weekend. I also realized that we can use our AmEx points to buy discounted baby gear, so I have been looking for some of the bigger things we registered for. Ben also has some ProShop points and our bouncer and play yard are available for those points.

And lastly, with my increasing size, my wearable wardrobe is dwindling. Before I left for vacation, I seemed to be able to fit alot more than fits now. I bought one sweater in Ohio that is now a daily staple as few to none of my zip up hoodies fit any more. And god bless my pashminas. Looks like another maternity clothes outting is in my near future. I do still have quite a few shirts that fit, as before the pregnancy I really like babydoll style and flowy tops. However, a pregnant woman soon realizes that the beauty of maternity shirts is that they are made longer in the front so when your belly fills them out, they are closer in length in the front and back. Yeah, my regular shirts don't do that.

Ok, so I think that is all for the pregnancy updates. I swear vacation antedotes and pictures, along with belly pictures are coming.

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