Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just a quick update:

Still no car and no checks. Still only have about $25 in the checking account and had to close my eyes as I charged $40 worh of groceries tonight.

New developments include: One pending police report to be filed, a newly empited bra drawer (meaning I lightened my load by um....about 30-40), and a underwear drawer that now closes.

It was a long Saturday for not having a car or being overly productive. I did laundry and filed 3 months of bills.

Ben found out he has to work tomorrow, so I am without a car (unless I decide to break the law and drive one without insurance). But no car means I won't go anywhere where I can spend money. It also means nothing will get done in the way of getting money.

I hate not having control. Why are boys so dumb? I am going to have to get started on my son at an early age.

Oh good news though. My little brother (who is not so little anymore) is going to state cross country next weekend! Both for team and individuals. He is an individual league, regional, and district champion. We call him @$$-haulin Colin. True story.

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