Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy's Little Science Geek

I am a science geek. I have been for many, many years...pretty much since freshman Biology in High School. I went to undergrad and got my degree in Biology, concentrating in Marine Biology and then onto grad school where I got my Master's in Biology concentrating in behavioral physiology and conservation genetics. Now I work as an environmental biologist and water quality specialist for an environmental consulting firm and I am pursuing a professional certification in Wetland Science. This means every few months, I get to take more classes. I occassionally do peer reviews and my journal articles are finally getting published (knock on wood, fingers crossed, holding my breath). I read Scien.tific Amer.ican for FUN. I love, love, love do stats.

See? Totally science geek.

I also love Shark Week. Sharks are just seriously cool. One day I would love to go shark diving. Sans cage. Anyhoo, this week was Shark Week on Discovery Channel. HEAVEN!

Early in the week I was folding laundry while Isaac was taking his nap. I was folding it in the living room because the TV out there is so much better and sharks are always better in HiDef. Isaac woke up and I turned the TV off, and went to get him. We did our after-nap routine, and I put him loose to run around the house while I put the laundry away.

One of Isaac's many talents is turning on the TV (and ordering movies, but that's another story), which he did once he made it into the living room (he pretty much checks out every room of the house after his nap, I think to make sure everything is still the same. And maybe to scout the cats, again another story for another day.) Almost instantly, I hear him start exclaiming.

"Mama! Mama! Ooooohhhh! Big fishie! fishie! Oh wow! Oh my! Mama! Do you see him? I see him! Mama! Whoa!"

I run into the living room to see him watching "Air Jaws" and there is a massive Great White flying through the air with a seal in it's mouth. And of course they have those killer slow motion cameras, so Isaac can really take in the action. He was laughing and smiling, not realizing that when the water turned red, that meant the seal was um...sleeping. Eh, well.

It was one of the proudest moments I have had as a mother, watching my baby love something that I love. He's going to be a little science geek like his mommy. This is a sign. :)

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Andrea said...

I've been LOVING shark week!! I hope Evan is a science geek too. :-)