Thursday, August 12, 2010

My BlogHer'10

I was really going to try to go to BlogHer this year. Like, I was seriously all gungho about it, and waiting to purchase my ticket. My husband said I could go if I kept my cost under $500-$600 and I figured out how to do it.

Well, obviously and sadly, I did not end up going. And not for change of heart, because I really really REALLY still wanted to go, both for the experience and I wanted to meet my friends.

After deep conversation with my husband, we decided it best for our family that I do something else (and by deep I mean I was probably annoying him and to shut me up he said "Look here...pick one or the other because I don't which but we aren't paying for both).

Remember how I am a science geek? Well, to enhance my geekness, I decided that I wanted to get my Professional Wetland Scientist Certification. This means hoop jumping and writing and applications...and my favorite: Classes. I love science classes and I would take them all day, every day. Sadly, these classes are only about 2 days on average. But I still love them.

I don't love the hefty price tag said classes come with. I didn't really pay for my undergrad and grad degrees, so I kinda got sticker shock when I had to register through a local college of extended learning. Ouch. And my classes are actually cheaper than credit hour classes.

Sooooo....yeah. It was kind of a decision between spending the money on my hobby and emotional outlet, or on my career. I opted for my career this time. Boy, oh boy, do I wish we had the money to do both, but we don't. Isaac needs diapers. And we need a house to live in.

Damn adult decisions. I was way sad (and still am) that I didn't get to go to NYC and meet my bloggy besties and idols. :)

Anyway, two classes were in June and one class is tomorrow and Saturday. This class is all about plants! and is hopefully my last class that I need to apply for my professional in training (still have work experience to do), fingers crossed and knock on wood. I make great friends and professional contacts in these classes, as well as learning and advancing my career.

Tomorrow begins my BlogHer, I guess. Or concludes since I took some classes earlier in the summer.

And now, I have a seperate savings account for BlogHer next year in San Diego, which will be way more affordable for me, unless of course I have done so much professional development that I land a kick @$# job on the East coast and I am in the same boat again.

With that, I leave you another photo of my little Science Geek Boo at the GG Botanical Gardens with the "Squirrel Kitties" that I was terrified he would actually catch because they are so tame and used to people, and get bitten by said and most likely rabid and diseased "squirrel kitty." (Yes, he thought they were kitties, but by the end of the day he was saying "querrrrlllll!")

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The Grady Chronicles said...

We missed you in NYC, but it sounds like you made a good decision!