Monday, July 26, 2010

The A-Ha Moments

Isaac talks ALL. THE. TIME. And you can tell he is really trying HARD to make sense so we can udnerstand him. Like, he isn't just using the baby babbles all the time. Oh, he babbles plenty. It's like he has his own language with Mickey Mouse. True story.

What I am talking about is when he says something and looks at me very expectantly to answer or respond. Most times, I laugh or say "yep!" or "i know!" or "and then what happened?" And I can tell when I give the wrong answer, because he clearly looks frustrated and not sure how to express himself.

Lately, it's been different. I understand him. I know his inflections and how he pronounces things. Like yesterday he said something to me and all of a sudden I understand he was saying "I like it." A-HA! I respond appropriately, and he looks thrilled. :)

From the time he was born, I have understood my son better than anyone. I knew his cries for hungry, tired, fussy, upset tummy, bored. And now I understand his words.

It's like we have our own line of communication, because my husband sure doesn't understand him as well. They both look at me, like "ok. Translate please!"

It won't be this way forever, I know. His speech is getting better every single day.

But for now, I will take it.

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