Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Every night after he has (mostly) eaten his dinner, Isaac gets fruit for dessert. Once I have inspected his tray (and the surrounding floor) and have deemed he has eaten enough, I tell him it is time for dessert fruit. He immediately shouts "Na-Na" and reaches toward the bowl that I keep bananas in. My little monkey loves his bananas. He gets a banana fairly often. We used to do half bananas, which he quickly scarffed down and asked for more (By asking, I mean he shouts "Mo! Mo!" and pounds on the tray). Now he gets whole bananas.

Yesterday, he had a banana for breakfast and lunch. 2 bananas. So for dessert, I gave him an apple. I peeled it and chopped it into like, eighths or something. He loved it! It was the closest to a whole apple he has eaten. He likes applesauce, he likes small diced apple.

Mmmmm....apple! He seemed rather confused at first and looked at the pieces. He stared at me and said "Na na?" I corrected him and soon enough....

"Ah ple! Ah ple!"

He is a talker! And he asked for more apple for breakfast. :)


The Grady Chronicles said...

Awwwww! Tommy LOVES banana too. Like a dummy, I was cutting it up into chunks. Then I saw a clip of the movie Babies and the baby ate a whole banana and I was like, "My baby can do that." So now he holds the whole banana and eats it himself!! Progress!!!

Open Roads Mama said...

omg! he IS a wonderful talker, that 'apple' comes so easy to him :) ... and I was so happy BB could say mama and dada... ;)