Friday, May 14, 2010

Baba is a Relative Term

So...Isaac had his 15 month checkup last Thursday. I kinda forgot to write about it. :( Ok, well I didn't really "forget" as much as I was being lazy.

Anyway, he weighed it at 22.5 pounds, my little bean. :) He is 31 and 3/4 inches tall. And his head is huge. I believe the crowning moment of the appointment was when Isaac was running around the room in his diaper after weight check and then all of a sudden was running naked because he had torn it off in a Chipendales style. Seriously. I watched him do it. It was like he ripped it at the seams and threw it off. Being that this was a medical facility, I figured that I would try to avoid him showering the room in urine, so I put another diaper on him. Guess what happened to that one? And the next? I was just putting on the fourth diaper when the Dr. walked in. Isaac chose that moment to yell "Mean Mommy!" Oh yes, we have moved into that phrase.

Anyway, during the visit we discovered that Isaac is cutting all his incisors and molars at the same time. WONDERFUL. We talked about his eating habits and potty habits. And then he asked if Isaac was still taking a bottle. Um...yes? He gets milk in bottles and juice in sippy cups. He drinks from the sippies really well. The doctor said that at this point he doesn't really need the bottles anymore and to start weaning him from them.

Sigh. This just seemed like a battle.

Isaac knows when it is time for his night time bottle. After his bath we warm it up and count down the seconds on the time. When it hits 1, we shout "BABA!" Then we cuddle and watch Wheel of Fortune and read books.

It turns out Baba is a relative term. I bought a ton more sippy cups. Isaac chose some with Mickey Mouse for daycare. I chose some longer ones that were shaped more like bottles, no handles. He still screams in excitement for the nighttime BABA! but it isn't so much about the bottle. I think it is the activity of drinking the milk that he is associating. He didn't even put up a fight in the slightest. Sometimes he doesn't drink as much milk before bed as he would have with the bottle. He woke up a few nights, clearly fussing for a bottle. It was hard, but I left him in the crib. He went back to sleep, but was STARVING those mornings. And he started drinking the whole "Baba" at night again.

He doesn't say baba for juice either, that is clearly "juuuuuuu."

So yeah. Dunzo with the bottles. They are all washed, sterilized, and packed up (quiet sob) to go into storage.

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Stacie said...

I find it interesting that different doctors say 15 months is too long vs. 18 months, etc.

At Laney's 18 month appt., her doctor said it was okay for her to still be having two 8 oz. bottles a day, but that I should try putting her milk in a cup.

She hates milk in a cup -- warm or cold.

After reading this post, and her being 23 months, I decided that Friday morning would be her last morning bottle. I want her to be off bottles for her 2-year appt. in June.

I put her milk in a new Dora sippy cup, she took one sip and said, "don't like it" -- I warmed up the milk and she'll drink it, not much, but some. We did that all weekend -- no bottles. Sunday night I offered her a bottle and she didn't want it.

I think we're done!