Friday, May 21, 2010

The First Shot

Before my birthday, and for about a year now, I was drooling over a DSLR camera. Specifically, I had my eye on the Canon Rebel EOS. They come with a decent price tag. I dropped hint after hint. And then I just made the decision that I would get one for myself and save up.

Well, then I got some birthday money. And after a day of browsing the internet, I discovered that with the masses of AmEx points that we have been hoarding for a vacation, I could get my camera for FREE. I pleaded with the hubs, and finally hit the submit order button for my Rebel EOS Xsi.

Turns out, I really don't remember that much from the photography classes I took in HS and college. And turns out, yep...this camera is kinda um...confusing. :) But I LOVE it!

Anyway, I have masses of photos on my computer now, and have been itching to go through them. The camera goes EVERYWHERE with me, even to work.

This is the first photo that I have come across that I really like. It could definately use some editing, and I have no idea what setting I took it on or how to make it better. But I like it.

(Notice the scab on Isaac's forehead and nose? Yep, that is from the screen incident....)

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Open Roads Mama said...

awww, new camera? how exciting, just in time for the colorful summer :) can't wait to see lots of photos!