Monday, March 29, 2010


I hadn't planned to continue the numbered monthly updates for Isaac. However, on Friday, exactly at his 14 month marker, Isaac hit a major development milestone. After months of crawling, walking around furniture, walking hand in hand with Mommy and Daddy, Isaac took his first un-aided steps!

When I pick him up from daycare, he stands next to me while I collect his diaper bag and lunch bag. This particular time, he wasn't holding on to my pant leg. I looked down to see my son walking toward the door! I was so proud and happy, I almost cried. It was a big celebration, and he repeated it again for all daycare to see and was rewarded with cheers and applause.

And of course that night all I was pushing him to walk some more. :) We took this video to send to Daddy at work.

And then the rest of the weekend he spent trying to run. RUN. This probably means I should take up running, right? :)

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Open Roads Mama said...

wow! way to gooooo! :) that is a MAJOR milestone! he's totally adorable and so big!