Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the No's Have It!

Isaac has learned a new word.


And he says it all. the. TIME. I first heard it last night at dinner. He was happily eating his carrots and spaghetti. I was cutting up some pears for him when I heard "Mama! No! No! Noooooooo!" I looked over to see him smiling right at me and tossing the rest of the carrots on the floor.

I asked if he was done.


I asked if he wanted pears.


I asked if he wanted to get down.


This continued for the rest of the night as he toddled through the house saying "no, no, no!"

I know he has a good idea of what it means. He has definately heard us say it enough. :)

And on the other hand, he also learned to nod his head. It's cute. He sticks he neck forward a bit and does it really slow and delibrately. And we have to say "yeeeeees!" After a few times he resorts to shaking his head, which he has known for months means "no."

So in the Lahman house, the No's definately have it right now. :)

He has also started putting words together like "yay! baba!", "mama/dada baba", "baba ni-night", "hi mama/dada/kitty/pupa (puppy)!", and "no" with any of the above words. And then we have the looonnnnng babbling sentences, sometimes ending with inquisitive inflections. He looks at me like I should just know what he is saying to me. And he has been singing alot more in the car.

I love that he communicates and is trying so hard. I have been recording so many videos of his sweet little voice. He is growing up so fast!


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Weekly Cupcake said...

Just wait until he says NO followed by YES for everything.
Do you want a cookie?
Do you want covers?
NO! *I walked out* He cries YES, COVERS!