Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Love

I know everyone says this, but I can't believe how incredibly much I love my baby boy. I am so tired, but I don't want to shut my eyes and sleep because I can't stop looking at him. Even when he is crying and fussy, I still look at him and think how beautiful he is.

We are doing good so far. Tired, of course, but we are doing ok. Isaac sleeps for about a 4 hour block each night, so we get some sleep and we are able to take naps during the day. Well, I am able to take naps during the day. Ben goes to sleep each night a bit before me and sleeps well after Isaac and I get up for his feeding. It works easier this way, because Ben will go back to work sooner than I will, assumably. Plus, Ben can't really do a whole lot for the baby at night as he doesn't have the built in milk factory.

We have a mini routine done, in which Isaac gets changed then fed then cuddled when he wakes up before he falls back asleep. He is usually asleep for 2-3 hours and wakes up for about 1-2 hours. He has a fussy block that usually lasts about 3 hours, and we have been trying to push it back to about 9 pm, instead of the 3 am time that it was for two days. We got it to about 11 pm, so he is doing good.

I have to say that I am realizing how great the advice of friends and family has been in terms of baby products I need and don't need. I had that overwhelming urge to just have everything, and I am glad I passed on some things and also got things I normally wouldn't not have.

Examples: I LOOOOOOOVE my boppy and so does Isaac. It works so well to feed him on. He loves to lay on it, in it, have belly time on it. If I would have known this, I would have gotten 2, just because we use it so much. Friend D told me the best burpie cloths were those microfiber towels, and oh my god was she right. Not only are they cheap cheap cheap, but they are so super absorbent and soft. And they double really well as boob towels after nursing. Isaac also loves his pacifiers...the first years soothie brand. These were recommended by the hospital and other friends. They are not the cutest ones, but he loooooooves how soft and easy to suck on they are. And lastly, we love those Kiddo.potamus one piece swaddlers. We got a couple for shower gifts and they work soooo well. What we really like about them is that they contain our squirmy little man so well and calm him right down. He gets swaddled in regular receiving blankets during the day and the swaddlers at night. He always manages to wiggle his way out of the blankets no matter how tight we swaddle him, which in itself is a bit difficult, because he is so squirmy. :) The one piece swaddlers work sooo well that I went and got 4 more from BRU yesterday. So thanks everyone for your advice. :) Keep it coming.

I was planning to type more birth story but it will have to wait. Someone is calling for his mommy. :)

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Open Roads Mama said...

Thank you for writing about taking care of your new-new-new baby! I'm learning! :) And advice on 'useful' newborn items a new mom has got to have is much appreciated!