Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And now...the rest of the story.

Isaac is happily sucking his binky on daddy's lap, so I am trying to catch up on some things. He is doing really well. He has alot of hiccups, especially after the eats....any suggestions on how to cure that? Yesterday, he discovered that he can put his hands in his mouth and now is obsessed with doing that. Makes nursing interesting sometimes... :) He seemed to be a little sick last night...he um...had the runs and a tummy ache. He didn't want to lay flat on his back, and would pull his legs up to his chest like I do when my tummy hurts me. He seems better today. I got him to nap in his bassinet for about an hour and a half. I had to prop up half of the pad in a slight incline and I bought one of those infant sleep positioners.

Speaking of tummies...I was able to sleep on my tummy last night! It felt sooooo good. :) I also had my first mocha since May..again...sooo yummy, although I will probably be awake for 3 days now. I weighed myself again, and I am 7 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. I am a little concerned about it....this means from my first appointment in January until now, I have dropped 24 pounds. That seems like alot. My stretch marks are fading, which is pleasing, and I am looking forward to working on the tummy flab.

Ok, so where was I with the birth story?

After we checked in and I ha the initial exam, things went pretty well. I was able to eat dinner. The contractions weren't too bad, and I walked around and did my squats and stuff until about 10 pm. My BIL and cousin stopped by to visit and we all walked the halls a bit which helped. After they left, the contractions got a little uncomfy, so I washed my face and got ready for the more dfficult part. About 11 pm, the contractions were just strong enough to hurt. I did some breathing exercises but decided I wanted a light narcotic to take the edge off. They hadn't done another pelvic exam since my water had already broken and they didn't want to cause an infection.They did one before they gave me a drug that I want to say was called Phenalin? I was 3 cm dialated and 95% effaced, which they said was really good for a first baby. To me it was 7+hours and little progress. The narcotic took the edge off for sure, but didn't do it for long. I had 2 doses at 50mg and was able to relax for a bit. But I could still feel the contractions and when the drug wore off, they were stronger than before. I was still able to walk around and stuff, and the nurse told me that on the 3rd dose, I could have 100mg. I kept thinking about how far I still had to go, which I know you are not supposed to do, but it was hard. I talked to Ben about it and we agreed that I would try the 3rd dose and see how it went.

The nurse gave me the larger dose and said it should last about 2 hours. Um...it seriously lasted about 30 minutes. I decided to do an epidural. The anestheiologist (who we will call drug doctor because I can't spell that word) was in town but not in the hospital so they had to call him in. It was about 3 am when he finally got there and I was in PAIN. Ben was so helpful in coaching me with breathing and rubbing my back, but I just couldn't do it. I was dialated to 4cm when the drug doctor arrived. The epidural proved to be quite difficult to put in, especially with my contractions ever 2-3 minutes with no drugs. He kept having to take breaks when they started. When he finally got the catheter in, he had hit a vein so we had to start over. It took forever and I kept thinking that if he says he just can't do it, I am going to kick him in the face. Finally he got it in and administered the test dose. It wasn't long before I was happily numb. BUT....my bp dropped way low. The nurse was reading the printouts and didn't say anything...and then I heard her in the hall saying how the baby was having dcells. Now, I watch enought Grey.s Ana.tomy and Ho.use and such to know what that means,and I got scared. They got my bp stablized and then his dropped. They got his up and then it went too high and mine dropped again. Finally they got us both stable and I was able to get my full epidural dose. Let me just say epidural = LOVE.

ok, there is going to have be a third installment of this story. Someone is hungry boy.

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