Friday, February 13, 2009

40 weeks

Today if my official 40 week due date, that we obviously didn't make it to. While I am so thrilled to have my beautiful baby boy Isaac here with us already, I am kinda sad. I know I really wanted the baby to come early but I guess I really didn't think he would. I think everyone, including the doctor, was expecting him to go a bit late. What makes me sad, as wierd as this may sound, is that I am not pregnant anymore.

Even though I did my share of complaining, and believe me just before Isaac was born, I did, I loved being pregnant. And I didn't really get a chance to be done being pregnant. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but I kinda was expecting those 3+ more weeks to finish out the pregnancy and get mentally ready for the next step.

I know it is just the hormones again, and everything is completely out of whack right now. I even miss my doctor. No idea why, I just do. Wierd,I know.

All that aside, I finally got all my deferrments approved. Since Isaac came 3 weeks early our disability is all screwed up. Ben just filed his for the 2 weeks he took, and the paperwork is filled out for his next 4 weeks in March. I am still waiting to hear from the SDI office since I filed to have my maternity leave start on the 7th. So much for that. :) My mom is coming on Sunday and I can't wait for her to get here. Ben has been back at work this week and will be next week too. It has been challenging and Isaac seems to be hungrier than before. He is still sleeping really well at night (last night doesn't count...fussy baby) and he nurses about every 2-3 hours duing the day. He already looks so different to me.

He had another weight check up yesterday and he is back up to his birth weight of 7lbs 2 oz. His diaper rash warranted a prescription lotion as it was not clearing up and starting to break. When the ped. told me this, I started to cry. Yep. Because I felt like I couldn't take care of my own baby. :( I know that is not the case, but again...HORMONES.

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The Grady Chronicles said...

HORMONES!!! Me too! I definitely have thought a few times this week, "I don't know how to take care of him! Why would they let me leave the hospital with him????" Tears have been shed- of happiness and sadness, fights have been instigated.....sleep deprivation/hormones is an ugly thing!