Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rachel in the Red Shirt

Every night during bathtime, Isaac and I have a little rundown convo about his day. We talk about school, what he learned, what he did, all the fun stuff. Sometimes he will sing songs to me or demonstrate new counting or spelling skills. He often talks about his friends, Conner Man, Nate Dog, Ronnie, and Diva (yes, I know. These names deserve an entire post of their own). Last night was a bit different. 

Isaac told me Rachel was playing with his trains. I commented how nice it was that he was sharing toys at school. He replied that Rachel was playing with his trains upstairs. Rachel in the red shirt. 

I had no reply. He told me all about Rachel who LIVES IN HIS PLAYROOM and plays trains with him. 

After he was done with the bath, I asked him to show me where Rachel was. He started up the stairs and then pointed to the top. "Rachel is right there!" 

I told him there was no one there, and then he responded that it was because she was in his room now. We continued into his room, where he immediately ran to the playroom door and asked me to turn on the light so he could see Rachel. He looked around the room and then walked in. 

"Rachel is in my tent!" 

I again explained to him there was no one there. 

"Where did she go, Mama?"

He proceeded to look for Rachel until I distracted him with fruit snacks and Curious George. 

And promptly text my husband that we needed to move. 

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CJ said...

OMG!!! Yes you do!! Oh no!!!