Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Baby Store

The following are actual conversations that took place in the Lahman household. As the mother of an impetuous, free-willed three year-old, you know I can't make this kind of stuff up.

Me: Ok, Isaac, Mama is going to brush her teeth and put on her shoes so we can go to the Dr.

Isaac: Right, go to dr. Then we have to go to the store to get the babies.

Me: The babies? We have to do what?

Isaac: The babies. At the baby store.

Me: ....the.....BABY store?

Isaac: Yep. We have to get our babies from the baby store.

Me. BabIES? Like, more than one? How many babies?

Isaac: Two. We have to get two babies from the baby store.

Me: We have TWO babies at the baby store?!

Isaac: (looking at me like I am crazy). Yes, Mama.

Me: Ok, well....let's have this conversation with your dad when he gets home....

So silly me, I am thinking that Isaac is going to completely forget this bizarre exchange. However, when Ben got home....

Isaac: Daddy! We have to get our babies from the baby store!

Ben: (Looks up at me) WHAT?

Isaac: Yep, two ones. Two babies. At the baby store.

Ben: what?!

Me: Yeah that is what I said.

Although I am sure Isaac was just being imaginative or talking about some toy or the babies at his school, a teeny part of me believes Isaac somehow knows that we will have 2 more children. How he would know this, I do not begin to fathom.

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they?

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Beck said...

OMG. Are you pregnant with TWINS?????!!!

Miss you.