Friday, June 4, 2010

Potty Progress

Isaac has had his potty for about a month and a half now. He does pretty well with it. He sits on it every night before his bath, and uses it about 7 times out of 10. I would say that of the other 3 times, he only pees in the bath 1 time, the other 2 doesn't pee in the potty or the bath at all. I will take it.

I didn't think he understood what the potty was for. During the day when he gets into the bathroom, he dismantles it and plays with the cushion. He throws bath toys into the stand. To get him to associate his potty with the peeing sensation, we do things to make him pee, like putting his hand into warm water and tickling him and startling him (not scary like, peekaboo like). He climbs off the potty by himself alot.

The other night he climbed off the potty and ran towards the tub, naked mind you. I have had issues with running, naked baby, namely because of my husband letting him think it is ok to run around naked before his bath. He pees on things, like my floor, his rug and BOOKS. :( So as the naked baby is running around the bathroom, having not peed in his potty yet, I was preparing for an incident....


Isaac stopped in his tracks, turned around and ran back to his potty, climbed on it (which I have never seen him do) and PEED IN HIS POTTY before hopping off again and running back to the tub!

This is a good thing, right?! Like my training is working?! :)

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CJ said...

Freaking Awesome!! I am getting one tonight!!! Any suggestions? Send me a message on FB!