Thursday, June 24, 2010

Batter Up!

Isaac is destined to a life of baseball. Or at least until he is really old enough to truly object. His daddy played baseball, and is fully intending to live vicariously through his son, since his baseball career was cut short by a torn rotator cuff or something.

Isaac has had baseball themed toys since he was old enough to play with them (and maybe a bit before). He swings the bat really well, and he has quite the arm (in my opinion) for a toddler. Right now, he throws with each arm equally, which has Ben hoping for a left-handed pitcher. Apparently they are few and far between, and bank quite the sum in pro ball.

It doesn't matter that he can't hold the bat very well. It doesn't matter that he stands right up close. All that matters is this moment is how his little face lights up when he hits the ball off his new T-ball stand, and hears the cheers and applause from Mommy and Daddy. :)

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LabMom said...

My eldest daughter LOVES the tee ball. Cracks me up to watch her play.

Little league.. watch out!