Monday, October 1, 2012


You always hear those stories about campers or hikers or whoever that get mauled by bears because they were touching or near a cub. And then you hear how the bear that mauled this not too bright person was hunted and destroyed.

I'm here to speak for the bear.

As a mother, if I saw someone, anyone harassing my child or scaring him, the situation would not end well. I probably would NOT maul them, but that truly depends on the gravity of the situation.

It's instinct.

Like when the nurse was holding down my newborn baby's legs and shooting him full of vaccines with scary needles, my first instinct was to pummel her. I knew fully well she was not actually hurting him, but something in his scared cries triggered a strong reaction in me.

If I had been a bear, the situation would not have ended well.

As a mother, you have that divine instinct to protect your babies at all cost. It doesn't matter the situation, or even who is right or wrong. That scared cry, the cry of awakens the mama bear in you. You become the angry 8 foot bear with huge claws and before you know it, you hear yourself roar.

And that my friends, is not a reason to shoot a bear.

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