Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Club

Throughout my life and travels, I have been extremely fortunate in making friends. I tend to be outgoing and talkative, so I have never had a problem meeting people. No matter where I have lived, I made amazing friends who have changed and impacted my life in so many ways. When I left California, I left wonderful friends and it broke my heart. The 8 years that I was living there allowed me to establish bonds with a handful of people that are forever in my heart. I miss them every single day, and the good times we spent together. My friends were also a huge part of Isaac's life and it broke my heart to take him away from them as well.

Since I grew up in Ohio, I have close friends that have remained in the area. I knew I had friends, but I was a little worried about starting grad school again, being older and "non-traidtional" and all. I was afraid I would be worlds apart from everyone else and not be able to relate to anyone. I was only slightly less than terrified to be back in BG period. I was scared to face what I ran away from. And I was afraid I would be doing alone.

I was so wrong.

S and J have been the best friends I could have hoped to make in BG. They love my little Boo Bear and he loves them. They have kept me sane and made the transition into this new life so much smoother. One of the biggest parts of this has been our Tuesday nights. It's book club night. Except with wine. And without books.

Almost every Tuesday night we have managed to get together, whether it be for grading papers, people watching, studying for ambiguous quizzes, or just to hang out and enjoy wine and Jeni's ice cream. Recently it has been dancing games. Regardless of what we do, its a few hours each week that I have looked forward to and gotten me out of my life of being a mother and wife, and just being a grad student hanging out with her friends. My husband respects this. And so does my grandma. She got me this for my birthday:

She told me that it was for book club. And that it was plastic so I wouldn't break it when I read too much. Yep.

It makes my heart smile. And so do my gals. :)

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