Monday, January 16, 2012

What a Lazy Day Means

Today the University is closed for MLK day. That means I don't have daycare or classes  or teaching or anything academic related that is obligated. I stayed up late last night gabbing with friends over red wine and some delicious kind of chocolate-y cake magic from Kroger. That means Isaac was due to wake up at 6:30. My husband came in the room to get something, and I rolled over and muttered something unintelligible about it being too damn early to be up on a holiday and to take the baby gate down so Isaac could come get me when he was done with his movie (I use it as a buffer. He lays around and watches a movie until he is ready to get up. It buys me anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.).

When Isaac finally appeared at my bed, I took one look at him and decided it was a lazy day, which I texted to my husband. A few seconds later, I received the response "Soooo...that mean's you aren't taking a shower or putting on a bra today?"

If I could give him the stink eye over text, I would have.

That, dear husband, is NOT what a lazy day means (but maybe what it implies.)

A lazy day in our house means that Isaac and I eat junk food for breakfast and curl up on the couch until at least 10:30 watching movies. Which we did. It means we are spending the majority of the day in our PJs, playing trains, doing puzzles, and catching up on Pinterest.

It means that we are reading stories, playing with Play Doh, and making cheesy eggs in a dish for brunch.

It means the dishwasher is running but it most likely will not be unloaded.

It means that I consider productivity to be checking the bank balance and emailing our insurance agent enough for the day.

It means instead of reading GIS and making flash cards, I am reading "The Hunger Games" and sipping on my 3rd cup of coffee.

It means that Isaac is using Luna as a pillow and is on his 4th Disney movie (he only watches about 30  minutes of each). It means we have scoured the internet for an appropriate potty prize and printed said prize out to post next to the potty.

It means that we are spending the day relaxing and pretending that tomorrow we don't have to get up early and blow dry our hair, put on make up and jeans and accessorize. It means that we are enjoying the hours we get to spend together before we have to go back to daycare and teaching and listening to people tell us what we should be learning and already know.

It means today, the only thing that matters to me is that Isaac is my baby Boo and we are celebrating our togetherness.

And that I am not taking a shower or putting on a bra.

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CJ said...

That's so sweet! I wish my boys were that calm and could curl up and watch a movie. They are so active and want to play with each other and can't sit still and watch nothing!Ugh the joy of having just 1 kid and no one else them to get them rowdy!! Don't get me wrong, I love them to death, but its nice to just chill and I can't.