Monday, August 22, 2011

Fresh Starts

Today was my first day as a PhD student. My first day of a new chapter of a new life. I taught 2 lab sections, had my own lab meeting, ran a bunch of errands and let me tell you...I AM BUSHED.

And deliriously happy.

I have been thinking a great deal about what to write about. I feel like I am so behind in blogging...probably because I am. I have excuses, but I don't have any. I just don't know what I want my tone to be anymore. I am funny, but not super funny. I am still writing about Isaac but not like I used to. This blog started as a way for me to communicate with everyone I loved, including my baby, about what was happening so far away. Somewhere in there, it turned into a out let. It turned into a community. I still want that. It just seems like with so many new things happening that I need to have some type of new forum.

So...I am just going to keep writing. Just like I have been. Except actually writing. :)

This will still be the space for me to clear my head, and to think out loud. It will still be the place that I talk about our triumphs as parents and a family and our pitfalls. I will still daydream about our future.

I just need to get back into the swing of a busy happy life.


Stacie said...

I've been thinking about you and your blog lately, hoping that all has been well since your move.

I certainly hope you continue to blog, no matter what it turns into.

I love reading what you have to say and hear (read) how Isaac is doing.

Take Care,


Open Roads Mama said...

great to hear you're happy & settling down! can't wait to read all about your new 'life' stories!