Thursday, March 24, 2011

Isaac Potter

My son has magical powers.

Yep, you read that right. Isaac is magic.

Ok, maybe not like, abra-cadabra-hocus-pocus-bibbity-bobbity-boo magic. But he has these powers that no one else has. NO ONE.

Today was a bad day. Just all around. And no, I don't want to talk to about, with anyone.

All I can think about doing is going home, making popcorn and curling up in a big blanket with my little Boo and watching Disney movies.

You see, Isaac...he has this way of magically making me feel better. No matter what. Even if it's HIM that makes me feel not so good. He knows. He knows things. He's a little wizard at reading his mommy.

He knows when I need kisses. He knows when I need a hug. He knows when I need to laugh. He knows when to be silly. He knows when I need distracted. He knows when I need to regroup or refocus. He just KNOWS. And sometimes he just does it without even knowing he is doing it. Like when an obnoxious phone call comes in (read: solicitor or telemarketer) and I make the mistake of answering it (I can't just hang up...I just CAN'T), he knows that he needs to fall down and/or make a loud crash so I can say "OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW BECAUSE MY BABY JUST DID SOMETHING REALLY BAD AND I HAVE TO CHECK ON HIM RIGHT NOW AND MAYBE CALL THE PARAMEDICS OR SOMETHING SO GOODBYE."

He just....KNOWS.

I don't rely on his magical powers. But I sure do appreciate them.


CJ said...

LOL!! :)

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